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Road signs

To think about how Christians and others learn about life from the Bible.

by Rebecca Parkinson

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To think about how Christians and others learn about life from the Bible.

Preparation and materials



 No Entry   Stop   One way   Falling rocks


  1. Ask the children what each road sign stands for:

    No entry
    One way
    Danger from falling rocks.
  2. Show a Bible and point out that Christians and people of other faiths believe that it is a book that contains much wisdom that can help us to live a better life.
  3. Show the ‘No entry’ sign. Sometimes the Bible tells us that it is better for us not to follow certain ways of living (such as being selfish and holding on to our possessions). You may wish to draw attention to the Ten Commandments. Christians believe that this is not because God is a ‘spoil sport’ but because God loves and cares for us.
  4. Show the ‘Stop’ sign. Explain that sometimes in the Bible there are stories and laws that tell us to stop doing something we are already doing. It may be that we are hurting other people or doing something that we know is wrong. The Bible shows us that we should stop doing wrong and follow a life that is good and helps and cares for others.
  5. Show the ‘One way’ sign. The Bible shows us a way to live that encourages us to think of others before ourselves. It asks us to not always put ourselves first and make demands, but to consider other people’s ideas and preferences. We will be happier when we live like this.
  6. Show the ‘Danger’ sign. Explain that Christians believe that the Bible is not there to make our lives boring or miserable but to show us a good way to live that makes those around us happy. It shows us that there is a danger of living lives so caught up with ourselves that we end up making ourselves and those around us unhappy too.
  7. Recap that the Bible is not just a rule book for Christians to follow; it is full of examples of how we can live our lives for others. Many people find that it gives them direction and provides them with peace and comfort. Some people believe that God speaks directly to them through the Bible and others find it a good source of interesting stories and wisdom from the earliest civilizations. It tells the stories of Jesus and his followers in the New Testament, and of the Jewish people in the Old Testament.

Time for reflection


Think for a moment about the road signs that help us to be safe on the roads.

Take the time to think about where you get your directions for life from.

Do you know any stories from the Bible?

Do they help you to think about how to live?



Dear God,

Thank you that you want to help us throughout our lives.

Thank you that you gave us the Bible.



‘The prayer of St Francis – Make me a channel of your peace’ (Come and Praise, 147)

Publication date: January 2007   (Vol.9 No.1)    Published by SPCK, London, UK.
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