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New Starts

To define newness and the special qualities it holds. To consider new starts and appreciate the opportunity to start again. To consolidate a determin

by Kate Fleming

Suitable for Whole School (Pri)


To define newness, and the special qualities it holds. To consider new starts, and appreciate the opportunity to start again. To consolidate a determination to keep our resolutions.

Preparation and materials

  • No preparation is needed for this assembly.


  1. Ask if any of the children are wearing something new. What is it that makes it feel new? Special feel, smell, look. Be sure to keep it clean and for best.

  2. Ask the children who has a new exercise book to write in. What is it that makes it feel new? Clean pages, no messy writing, stiff pages.

  3. Ask if anyone has a new baby in their home. What is it about the baby that shows us that he or she is new? Very small, wrinkled, cries at night, helpless, breastfed.

  4. Discuss the new year. Remind the children about the celebrations that have just happened. Ask the children what is special about the new year. A chance to start afresh, make resolutions. What resolutions have they made? How long do they think they will keep them?

  5. Ask for suggestions for a resolution that the whole school can make and agree to keep, e.g. keep the school tidy, make sure that everyone has a job in school, make the best displays ever, etc. It might be possible to reach an agreement in the assembly, but if not ask for suggestions during the coming week and perhaps hold a vote at a later date. Equally important is to agree how you'll celebrate at the end of the year if the resolution has been kept.

  6. Make an agreement to keep the new year resolutions throughout the year.

  7. Read the following poem:

    The Excitement of Something New

    New potatoes and new-laid eggs
    Smell of fresh tomatoes, newly baked bread.
    New clothes with that special feel and look
    A clean page to write on in your brand new book.
    Newborn babies, all wrinkled and small
    So helpless, so innocent - can't talk, walk or crawl.
    The crescent-shaped moon in the dark night sky
    A new planet discovered circling nearby.

    The new year has started, resolutions begun
    And kept the whole year, we hope, every one.

Time for reflection

Dear God,
As we welcome in the new year,
help us to keep the feeling of a brand new beginning throughout the year.
Help us to keep the resolutions that we have made,
and to enjoy the privilege of a new start.


Think of the new year - you were new once
Think of a tiny baby - you were a baby once
Think of a new day - you're living in it
Think of a new start - this is it.


'New day beginning' (Come and Praise, 1)

Publication date: 2002
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